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Straight Through Coupling

Series : ST-40
Introduction : These are without any valve arrangement, ensuring for off-line, duly lakproof, joins in seconds therefore they require manual shut-off valves in both lines, if fluid loss is to be prevented when the coupling is disconnected quickly detachable shut-off valves.

Unrestricted bore of the coupling provides/permits full flow fluids. These couplings can handle vicious liquids, chemicals and even powders.

Operation :
To connect pull back the locking sleeve and push adaptor into the coupler. Release the sleeve and the coupler will look into the adaptor. To disconnect pull the sleeve back and remove the adaptor.

Typical appliations :
Steel Mills,Air Compressed air, Gases, Fluid, oils, greases, powder, water and slurries,Viscous liquids.

Features :
No valves in either side
Ensures absolute leakprof, joins in seconds
Least pressure drop.
High flow characteristics
Available in various end connections like male, female, hose.
Sizes : 1/4 " to 3 ".

Material : Mild Steel, Brass, SS304, SS116

Working pressure : Upto 1000 PSI.

End Connections : BSP Female, Male, Hose Threads

Seals : Nitrile, Neoprene, Viton etc

Shut-off Combination : No Valves

Installation of Couplings : To be shown with photographs.