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Double Shut-off Coupling (Hydraulic Coupling)

As the lines get shut-off at both ends on disconnection they are known as double shut-off or hydraulic couplings. These couplings are with self-sealing valves both at the coupler and adapter.  
These valves provide sealing of the media on disconnection without any media loss and fluid looking thus Unitread Double Shut-off couplings positively seal both ends of the line when the coupling is disconnected.
These couplings are provided with spring activating the valves in both coupler and adaptor. When connected, complete seal is effected by compression of 'O' ring.
Operation : To connect, merely pull back the sleeve and push the adaptor into the coupler. To disconnect, pull back the sleeve, unlocking coupling and sealing both ends of the line. These are designed for pressure upto 200Kg/cm2 (3000 PSI) with positive locking, least flow resistance and minimum pressure drop and are manufactured out of special steels to give maximum life.
Double Shut-off Coupling
Series : DV200
Typical applications : Hydraulic systems, vacuum, steam, oil, air, chemical and petrochemical industries, aerospace etc.

Features : Minimum air inclusion and apilage

  • Maximum flow rate
  • Precision walls, provides positive fluid seal. Opens only when adaptor is firmly locked in the coupler.
  • Seal versatility, wide choice of standard and special seals, materials enable the DV-200 series to handle great variety of fluids.
Sizes : 1/4 to 2
Material : Hardened Steel, EN8, Brass, SS304, SS316

Working Pressure :

  • Upto 200 Kg/cm2 (3000 PSI)
  • Safe pressure 45000 PSI.
  • Failure pressure 7500 PSI.
End Connections : BSP Female Threads
Seals : Nitrile, Neoprene, Silicon and Viton etc.
Shut-off Combination : Double shut-off
Installation of coupling : To be shown with photographs.
Double Shut-off Coupling
Series : DV-700
Introduction : These are special double shut-off couplings for hydraulic duty condition upto 700 Kg/cm2 (10000 PSI) ideally suitable for high pressure hydraulic circuits. The DV-700 series is not simple modified version of another coupling series but has been designed and constructed specifically for high pressure hydraulic application. The DV-700 series has proved a record of reliability on tough hydraulic test stand applications where high pressurisation is a must.
Typical Application : High pressure hydraulic application, ideal for test stands and applications where cleanliness is required, permits easy tool changeover, oil fields, off-shored drilling, cranes, power tools etc.

Features :

  • Heavy duty construction
  • Superior flow characteristics
  • Low pressure drop
  • Push to connect
  • Teflon supporting ring is provided to have longer seal life.

Sizes : 1/4" to 1"
Material : Carbon Steel

Working Pressure :

  • Upto 700 Kg/cm2 (10000 PSI)
  • Safe pressure 12500 PSI
  • Failure pressure 15000 PSI

End connections : BSP Female Threads
Seals : Nitrile, Viton etc.
Shut-off Combination : Double shut-offs