Large Series - (S3488,S3490 ) (size 1, 11/2)
  • Large Flow Range Lubricator is useful to lubricate air tools, cylinders, valves, air motors and other air driven devices.
  • Use Oil-fog model to lubricate a single tool/device or choose 'Micro-fog' in systems with complex piping or multiple points of lubrication.

MODEL S3488,S3490



Pipe Threads

G 1, 1 Parallel (F) - Standard


Oil - Fog / Micro - Fog

Body Material

Al. Alloy die-cast

Bowl Material

Al. Alloy Metal with sight glass - Standard

Bowl Capacity

1 litre

Maximum Inlet Pressure

250 psig (17.5 kg/cm)

Maximum Operating Temperature (ambient)

 175 F (80C)

Standard Nominal Flow Rate (at 6 bar supply & 1 bar drop)

434 scfm (205 dm3/sec)

Minimum Reqd. flow (at 6 bar inlet)

7.5 scfm (3.6 dm3/sec)

Recommended Lubricants

Use any misting type oil rated 50 - 200 SSU (ISO grade 7 - 46) at 38oC (100oF) Use oils which are compatible with the material of construction.